Benefits for MindTheBird! participants

Prizes for the most active participants of MindTheBird!

The most active ambassadors and contributors will have gifts from MindTheBird sposnors. Current list of gifts:

  1. Fast Report Studio - powerful report tool with native Firebird (all versions) support,
  2. Sinatica Monitor - monitoring tool for Firebird (2.1 and higher),
  3. IBSurgeon FBScanner - logging and audit tool for Firebird and InterBase all versions,
  4. SQLLY Firebird/InterBase Studio - database and SQL queries design and optimization,
  5. IBSurgeon IBAnalyst - tool to analyze database statistics of FIrebird and InterBase,
  6. Firebird FirstAID - tool to repair corrupted Firebird databases.
  7. XML Wizard (GuacoSoft) - tool to import and compare data from XML, CSV, flat-files against Firebird databases
  8. Special offer - 50% discount on any of trainings about .NET & Firebird and/or Entity Framework (& Firebird) - see for details.
  9. "Database Workbench Pro for Firebird" and a Database Workbench Pro for any 3 database modules of the winners choice.
  10. Firebird Trace Manager (Enterprise Edition) - tool which exposes the new Firebird 2.5 Trace API in a user-friendly way.
  11. EMS Studio for Firebird and InterBase - powerful tool for Firebird developers and administrators.
  12. AnyDAC for Delphi - universal Data Access Components with native Firebird support

Every week or even more often we'll give one of the prizes above to the most active MindTheBird members.

If you are a tool vendor for Firebird and want to support MindTheBird campaign, please contact us [email protected]


MindTheBird Webinars:

Please stay connected at Twitter, RSS, Google Groups and LinkedIn, we'll invite you to the new webinars very soon!


Completed webinars

  • April 27, 2010, Delphi and Firebird, by Marco Cantu (in English)
    Description from Marco Cantu:
    Since many Delphi developers use Firebird, Embarcadero recently added a native and specific Firebird driver to its dbExpress architecture.

    In this session I'll offer an overview of how this driver works in terms of accessing to data and metadata, cover some of the alternative Delphi database access solutions for Firebird, and talk about the status of Delphi and of its relationship with the open source database server.
    Download recorded version.
    Also you can download sourcecode of examples from Marco's site.

  • April 6, 2010, 15-00 GMT SuperClassic Firebird - new architecture in Firebird 2.5, by Dmitry Yemanov (in English).
    Webinar has been ended, recorded version is here.
  • April 8, 2010, 14-00 GMT Technological history of Firebird - 3 decades of innovations, by Ann W Harrison (in English).
    Please download recorded version.


Firebird Articles Contest is over

We have 3 articles from Thomas Steinmaurer (

So the winner is Thomas Steinmauer, author of great articles and MindTheBird! contributor.

Contest: Useful and Cool Stored Procedures

Are you true master in Firebird SQL? Participate in Stored Procedures contest and win valuable prizes!

Participants should submit stored procedure in pure Firebid SQL and embedded functions (SDF) only which performs some common task(s) - virtually anything any useful tasks.

It can be implementations of some mathematics transformations, or transforming numeric representation of number into words (like input = 21, output = "twenty one"), or anything that demonstrates the power and flexibility of Firebird stored procedures.

We'll choose the most powerful and interesting stored procedures. There will be 3 winners, each of them will receive tool by his choice from the pool of prizes from MindTheBird sponsors.

All procedures should be submited under Creative Commons or Mozilla Public License or Apache License. Submitter must be the author of the procedure.

All procedures with short description and reference to the author will be published at

Please submit demo SQL scripts with stored procedures' texts to sp at or right here in the group. Please notice that demo SQL script should work out-of-the-box to create necessary objects and demonstrate the value of procedure.

Firebird Logo Contest

Contest is finished!:

The zip file with images of different sizes and formats of the Firebird 10th anniversary logo contests winner artwork is now available: download it now!.

You can freely use the images in your website and products to promote Firebird everywhere!