Firebird 2.5 is released!

Download Firebird 2.5 from web site.

Now's the time to discover the universal and open-source database: Firebird 2.5. This new release of the award-winning, powerful and feature-rich database brings even more features and greater performance, allowing millions of developers worldwide to build fast, scalable and robust applications.

MindTheBird! is the Firebird Community activation campaign, with main goal to support launch of Firebird 2.5 and ensure the visibility of Firebird in the world of information technologies, media, open-source enthusiasts and end users.

MindTheBird! provides a messaging framework, marketing materials and guidance for Firebird end-users, journalists and even competitors. We encourage all developers and enthusiasts of Firebird to be the part of this very important campaign.

Be Firebird ambassador. Take a look around our website and we'll show you how you can help Firebird.

Firebird 2.5

Download materials

Download MindTheBird! guidance, Firebird presentations, templates and other resources.

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Join MindTheBird! as Firebird ambassodor, tools vendor or contributor.


Prizes and various benefits for the most active Firebird ambassodors: netbooks, free licenses, vouchers and discounts.


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Members of MindTheBird!

MindTheBird! is supported by the leading Firebird-related companies and well-known enthusiasts. Look at the list of MindTheBird! participants and join us!

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Feel free to contact MindTheBird! coordinator

Dmitry Kuzmenko
Tel.: +7 495 953-13-34


Series of webinars devoted to Firebird will start with "New architecture of Firebird" by Dmitry Yemanov, Firebird technology innovations by Ann W. Harrison and Delphi+Firebird by Marco Cantu.

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Prizes: free licenses

We have 6 tool vendors who provided their licences as prizes. For more information see page "Benefits".