HQbird is an advanced distribution of Firebird for enterprises

Download HQbird from www.hqbird.com web site.

HQbird is an advanced distribution of Firebird for enterprises, with the following list of features: optimized configurations, high availability and replication, backups' automation, database health monitoring, transactions and queries monitoring (TraceAPI, MON$ and FBScanner), database structure analysis, recovery toolset and database development GUI. Also HQbird includes a performance self-test to measure Firebird performance on the specific hardware and OS configuration.

HQBird contains 2 parts: server-side and administration. The server-side part has versions for Windows and Linux, and the administration part works on Windows only. There are 3 editions of HQbird: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Learn more about HQbird at IBSurgeon's web site: http://www.ib-aid.com/en/hqbird.

Firebird 2.5

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